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You want to buy The Freakbeats 2016 album "Out of It!" Back to £.s.d.? on a CD record? Well now your wish can come true!

In the UK it shall be a mere £4.99 + £1.99 postage and packing . Just click ye olde  button below to buy with Paypal or a credit card or debit card...




Outside the UK it will be little more to cover the extra cost of the White Rabbit needing to post it to your beautiful country. For example in the Merry Old Land of US it will be $6.99 + $3.99 p&p. Wherever you are, just click this shiny button instead of the one for the UK and all will be well with the world...



My Spontaneous Generation!

The Freakbeats are currently working on a new album called "My Spontaneous Generation".

You can't buy it yet... but you can dream and email Santa (


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