The Freakbeats


The Freakbeats is an English psychedelic freakbeat group from the 1960s, formed about 50 years in the future.


They cometh from the long-faded victorian grandeur of Blackpool, a town named after the darkness of  the primordial swamp from which it emerged, and have a sound firmly rooted in sixties psychedelia, r'n'b, garage punk and of course... UK freakbeat!


Currently Mike Atapilla is the guitarchangel, Baron Dunkenstein supplies voice and objects of a percussive nature, Ramjet is basstardo, Wrecked Angula keys and Norman Saxon is locked into a downward cycle of drum dependency .


The band records on Thunderfreak Records, a subsidiary of Thundersqueak Records. CDs are available from this simple-to-navigate website or via our Facebook page or you can just download or stream songs from the usual dodgy online sales outlets and radio stations.


Follow the white rabbit and may the freakbeat be upon you...



This is only the beginning so contact us if there is more that you would you like to know.

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