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Saturday 15 June 2019 Eaglefest 2019

Time: 7pm-3am (9.30pm approx. - The Freakbeats)
Place: Bootleg Social, Blackpool

7pm Henry Hockings, 7.20 Flossie, 7.40 Jake B, 8.05 Meg Roe, 8.30 Sideline, 9.15 Rhys Watkins
9.35 The Freakbeats, 10.25 Phantom Sea, 11.20 Geese, 12.15 The Berrettas



Saturday 13 July 2019 Dickenfest 2019

Time: 1pm-11pm (8pm approx. - The Freakbeats)
Place: The Dickens, Cleveleys

1:00-1:30 Megan roe, 1:45-2:15 kassidy, 2:30-3:00 Cassidy hanigan, 3:15-3:45 Alphabetical twins, 4:00-4:30 Scott slattery,

4:45-5:15 daisy Atkinson, 5:30-6:00 Mt Arms, 6:15-6:45 The sacred woods, - CHANGE INDOORS - 7:00-7:45 Enya-Louise,

8:00-8:45 The Freakbeats, 9:00-9:45 KPLG, 10:00-10:45 The Sound, 11 CLOSED

Don't be late... You have already missed these...


Sunday 9 October 2015 !!! Steamer Stock !

Time: 2.30 o'clock

The Steamer, Fleetwood

Music: Lots of other bands and The Freakbeats mid afternoon


Date: Friday 21st October 2015 !!! party time with three of the happeningest live acts in the multiverse...

Time:  10 o'clock

Place: Bootleg Club, Topping Street, Blackpool
Music:Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show, The Drop Out Wives and
The Freakbeats!!!


Date: Saturday 26 November 2015 !!! Greenpeas Wintervest

Time:  7 o'clock

Place: Pump and Truncheon, Bonny Street, Blackpool

Music: Cheap Suits, Tommy Techno and other bands and The Frackbeats!!!



Friday 3 February 2016 !!!

Time: 8.45 o'clock
Place: Waterloo, Blackpool
Music: The Zipheads (promoting their second album) and The Freakbeats!!!



Saturday 1 April 2016 !!! Anti Greenpeace Music Festival

Time: 2.45 o'clock
Place: Station Tavern, Lytham St Annes
Music: Old Rope, Sideline, Robusta, etc. and Freak Beats!!!



Saturday 1 April 2016 !!!

Time: 9.30 o'clock
Place: Waterloo, Blackpool
Music: English Electro and The Freakbrats!!!



Saturday 27 May 2016 !!!

Time: 2 o'clock
Place: Golden Eagle, Anchorsholme ('EagleFest')

Lots of other bands and The Fuckwits at 2 o'clock in the afternoon!!



Friday 13 April 2018 !!!

Time: 9 o'clock -11 o'clock
Place: Albert's Ale Microbar, in the cellar of the Albert Hotel, 117 Albert Road, Blackpool

The Freakbeats with The Cracked



Sunday 20 May 2018 James Fest !!!

Time: 5 o'clock
Place: Cleveleys Plaza, Promenade, Cleveleys, FY5 2AZ



Lots of cover bands and singers from 11am onwards and The Freakbeats headlining at 5pm



Friday 25 May 2018 EAGLEFEST 2018 !!!

Time: 11 o'clock
Place: Golden Eagle, Warren Dr, Blackpool / Cleveleys FY5 3TG

The Freakbeats off-their-head-lining at 11pm with The God Machine, The Love Cats, Avishek Choudhury, Paul 'the Hat' Luke from 8pm



Sunday 26 August 2018 The DickensFest

Time: Starts at noon. Freakbeating time TBA
Place: Dickens Inn, 6 Princess Rd, Cleveleys FY5 1BP

The Freakbeats



Saturday 10 November 2018 The Dickens Battle of the Bands 2018

Time: It's a Battle of the Bands type nonsense so Freakbeating time TBA
Place: Dickens Inn, 6 Princess Rd, Cleveleys FY5 1BP

The Freakbeats, KPLG, Dead Friends



Saturday 16 February 2019 Blackpool Bastards Invasion 3 (Evil Beach Ball Special)

Time: 4pm-11pm (6.15pm - The Freakbeats)
Place: The Station Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne

10.30 - Dischord, 9.45 - Eye The Bomb, 9.00 -  Litterbug, 8.15 - Black Eddy, 7.00 - The Drop Out Wives,
6.15 - The Freakbeats, 5.30 - The Awkwards, 4.45 - Uncle Paul, 4.00 - Shady Poets



Saturday 25 May 2019 Eaglefest 2019

Time: 1pm-12pm (9pm approx. - The Freakbeats)
Place: Golden Eagle, Blackpool

Alex Jennings, The Sacred Woods, Sideline, Ivory Skies, Night Train, Echoes of the Beast,
John Carroll, Northern Alibi, Tongue of Fire, Demon Pixies, The Freakbeats, Dü Pig, Avarus

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